What to with Dismissal Cases?

In recent months, or from the last year specifically, it has been observed that employees in the UAE are facing redundancy. Most of the time it is being used as a lame excuse by the employer, so he could avoid paying employees he is entitled to and the employee could not raise the complaint of unfair termination. Well, even if it has been an unfair dismissal, the employee can move to court and ask for compensation and more. The companies are telling those employees that they are working on cost-effective strategies and so some of the workforces need to be eliminated. How would you feel when you know that your job is going to end soon? You will be devastated. The same has happened with the employees in the UAE.

The UAE based labour & employment lawyers are working on this issue to figure out a way with the definition of redundancy. Since the term is not well identified, there is a lot of misinterpretation going around the concept in the UAE. In the previous legislation of UAE labour laws, the courts have made redundancy a valid reason to help the companies grow a better economy. Labour Lawyers in Dubai are also helpful to grab the legal information and understand the UAE Labour Law rules in this regard.


The UAE Labour Law recommends that The company has to tell the employee a month before dismissing his contract through the warning letter or more than one warning letter. The company has to pay the notice period pay even if he does not allow the employee to work on notice period. If the contract is unlimited, then the employee can be dismissed at any time. But, if the contract has fixed the date of termination on paper, then the employee can not be dismissed like an unlimited contract. Warning Letters are essential to be served and, the notice period should be served by employees, final dues must be paid before the VISA Cancellation signatures or at the time of signing the cancellation papers.

There is a process of redundancy that needs to be followed by the company. Taking into account; the workforce and situation, a meeting is called between the employees and the employers of the company. There are chances that if the company is working on cost-cutting, they can eliminate something from the employee benefits, rather than dismiss the employee completely. They can offer to work part-time. The UAE-based attorneys like Employment Lawyers in Dubai must suggest alternative ways of redundancy to the business owners. But, if dismissal is the only way out, then the process needs to be transparent from the employer’s side. He has to keep up with the company’s reputation, so the employee cannot ruin it by taking legal action against dismissal. As we stated above employees can demand and win the compensation, otherwise. The compensation is usually around up to 3 months.

Legal Consultation:

The legal consultation shall be considered on a serious note by the employers which must be by top Legal Consultants. Therefore, as a business owner whenever you plan to choose a lawyer for your company, make sure that you are hiring an experienced and reputable lawyer. The outsourcing services are available at low rates for small and new businesses in the UAE. Legal Consultation is not only required for unfair dismissals, unpaid dues etc. Legal Consultation is required for any type of matter.

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