UAE Labour Law and the Rights

UAE Labour Law and the Rights: 

There are many workers, working in UAE too, who are subjected to slur in their workplaces and don’t know how to get rid of it. They want to get rid of the employment and want to switch to another one. Instead of complaining somewhere, they keep working there for pay without knowing their rights. Employer shows a rough attitude towards the worker, they threats, ridicule, offence the employees etc. Labour and Employment Lawyers in Dubai or also known as Employment Lawyers in Dubai, should be hired for the expert push means the expert legal counselling in case when there is a court case. Even for the mediation these gentlemen are the best support guys.

Though when several employees do not know about the rights then it does not mean they do not have the right in UAE. UAE Labour Law is only made to protect the employees, employers and the businesses of UAE. No Body is beyond the law or can move against the Law. The word unlawful termination is also seen here because sometimes the employees are terminated on false grounds then he should ask for fair compensation.

In fact, labour and employment lawyers have told it many times in seminars and different places that it is totally illegal to discriminate against a job applicant or employee on the basis of caste, colour, religion, race, sex, disability etc. If there is someone who is facing such kinds of issues around them so they can come and with their own comfort can complain in law firms where lawyers from the firm specialize will handle the case and solve the issue related to the employment system.

The most seen employment issues people face are the ones who are over age or underage. In employees and self-employed workers, there are a number of differences also known as independent contractors and consultants.

Article 4 as per UAE Labour Law: 

“Any payments due to an employee or his beneficiaries hereunder shall constitute a first priority charge on all the employer’s moveable and immovable property, and shall be paid immediately upon settlement of any legal expenses, sums due to the public treasury and Sharia’s alimony awarded under Islamic Law to the wife and children.”””


When an employer owes to an employee then the employee needs to be paid at any cost. Any asset, any moveable and immovable property, of the employer, would be considered as the top priority to pay the wages/salaries of employees. But the employer’s first priority is to pay his wife and children then the employees. His assets; moveable e and immoveable would be considered the priority to pay to his wife and children then employees than to another obligation.

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