UAE Labour Law and Rules

When providing legal assistance to clients, UAE Labour and Employment Lawyers follow local legislation because they are bound to follow the local rules defined under UAE Labour Law. UAE Employment Lawyers in Dubai provide legal assistance to assist the country’s growth in all areas. Dubai, UAE Labour Law protects a number of rights. 

  • Once a year, employees get paid for their annual leave.  
  • After a month, send pay cheques on a regular basis. 
  • Maternity leave is available to female employees for 45 days. (Now 60 in UAE Labour Law revised in 2022, February) 
  • Employees can sue in court for wrongful termination if their employer keeps their passports for any reason. Employees are responsible for their own visa expenditures. (Format is made better than before. Arbitrary Dismissal is revised and improved). Check with our Lawyers the revised UAE Labour Law.
  • No one can compel or prevent an employee from resigning. Certain conditions need to be met. 
  • Working hours should not exceed nine each day, with a break. 
  • When employees depart the company, they are given a service gratuity. 
  • For visa renewal, terminated employees have a 30-day grace period. 
  • Employees can seek legal help if they are subjected to workplace discrimination or harassment. 
  • Employees and employers like to hire a law company to assist them in locating the top lawyers in the area so that their issues are in good hands. The search for top employment lawyers might take hours or even days, thus legal specialists can be extremely beneficial in such situations. These legal counsellors are employed by a law firm. 

UAE Employment Contracts: 

The UAE employment law contains two forms of contracts that tie the employer and employee to the state’s labor regulations. Due to the fact that contracts have different terms for both parties, law firms and legal experts in Dubai assist clients depending on the type of the contract. According to UAE Labour Law, employees have to work on 3 years fixed contract now. In the limited contract, three years of labor agreements are signed. 



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