UAE Labour Law and Private Sector

The new UAE Labour Law is very much about the regulation of “Labour and Employment Relations” which is made to enhance the Labour and Employment Rights, for the employees working in the Private Sector. A big change is introduced now regarding salaries, contracts, non-competition, non-disclosure, employment termination and more. Labour Law UAE 2022 brings a big change in UAE Labour Law and support to Private Sector Employees.

Now the Employment Contract is about only Limited which can be two to three years. Maximum Three Years or Two Years. Now the Non-Competiton is changed and not like before. It has to be cleared from the beginning. Non-Competiton has to be defined from the beginning. Non-Disclosure has to be mentioned clearly from the beginning.

After the pandemic now flexible working hours have been introduced. Part-Time work hours have been introduced. Over Time was already the part of Employment Contract, but now the flexible work hours and part-time are also introduced. It will allow the employers to hire the employees as per the demand, as per the budget and as the requirements. Now there is no need to hire full-time employees or full-time employers. This way both parties will take advantage, the employers as well as the employee. There have been very important advancements in this regard. It will save the businesses from any serious or unusual circumstances as well as from pandemic effects. It will also save the employer and employees profile.

UAE Labour Law introduced several new rules and clauses, for the employees and employers. Like new Maternity Leave plan is introduced. Like new employment plan is introduced. Like new probation period recruitment and termination are introduced.

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