1). Labour/Employment Law

Labour Law is also known as Employment Law. The UAE Labour Law is valid for any type of Labour & Employment Dispute. Our area of competence includes protecting employees against a contract, working hours, holidays, etc. The purpose is to highlight both residents and expatriates of their rights and benefits as representatives in the UAE to guarantee that they can keep up an appropriate. We do provide great legal knowledge, legal support, and connect you with UAE’s topmost experienced Labour and Employment Lawyers in Dubai.

2) . Civil Law

This law relates to the dispute between two parties. Our renowned attorneys provide competence for tort claims, breach of contract claims, equitable claims etc.

3). Criminal Law

This law is related to crimes. It includes social behavior, threatening, and endangering to health, security, and property-related issues, Cheque Bounced, Forgery, and more. If people violate any of this law, they will be punished.

4). Business Agreements

We have a specialized team of lawyers in dubai, who can give you consultation related to your business contracts and all types of business agreements like a partnership, joint-stock companies, loan, construction and much more.

5). Banking and Finance

Across all modes and segments of finance, our lawyer will assist with negotiations, provide assistance in structuring deals and complete due diligence checks on other parties (usually the borrowing entity).

6). Family Law

Our legal experts/family lawyers provide legal advice on family disputes such as child custody, divorce, the succession of property and will.

7). Capital Market Law

Debt (bonds), equity (stocks) and derivatives are all types of securities and capital markets law is sometimes referred to as ‘securities law’. Our legal service includes advice on debt and equity offerings, on secularization and on the creation of derivatives.

8). Personal Injury

Legal remedies and defences involved in civil lawsuits brought as a result of wrongful conduct. We offer legal support to those who claim to have been injured, physically or psychologically, as a result of the negligence or wrongdoing of another person, company, government agency, or other entity.

9). Real Estate

Our Dubai Based Expert Lawyers offer advice and support in:

  • Residential property purchases or sales.
  • Commercial leases and related ancillary documentation.
  • Drafting of powers of attorney.
  • Handover issues.
  • Landlord and tenant laws in the UAE.
  • Disputes with developers, relating to properties purchased “off-plan”. We present clients at arbitration;