Rights and Duties of Advocates

The Advocates/Lawyers are the personnel specialist in the field of law which can be Labour and Employment Law, Family Law, Business Law and More. Different countries and their legal systems use the term with genuinely fluctuating ramifications. The wide relative in various English law-based wards could be a supporter or a master. Regardless, in Scottish, South African, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Scandinavian, Polish, South Asian, Middle East and South American regions, the advocate shows a legal guide of dominating plans. UAE also describes every branch of the law, terminologies of the Law in Arabic, and make sure that implemented with honesty for the sake of justice and peace in the system.

What is advocacy?

Backing or Promotion in all of its structures hopes to ensure that people, particularly the people who are generally weak in the public eye, can:

• Have their voice heard on issues that are fundamental to them.

• Could get justice and support from the Law and Lawyers.

• Have their viewpoints and wishes genuinely thought about when decisions are being made about their lives.

Advocates in Dubai & UAE:

Advocates in UAE will use every aspect of the advanced methodology of supporting and enabling people so that they can solve their problems and:

• Express their concerns.

• Defend the privileges and obligations.

• Could get justice.

• Explore the decisions.

Rights of an Advocate’s duty to Act:

  • Act in an honourable way.
  • To appear in Court.
  • Submitting the Case Memos.
  • Manage the Case at all the levels of courts
  • Save the reputation of the client.

Role of Lawyers:

The role of the Lawyers gets started from initial meetings, consultation meetings, case meetings, court cases, and finish at final executions and the accomplishment of the Court Cases. The role of the lawyers is always serious from the beginning to the end. Let’s understand through an example. The Employment Lawyers in Dubai take up the Case when it reaches to Court Level and the Case Number is generated after finishing the reconciliation meetings.

These Employment Lawyers in Dubai are responsible for the right advice for all the court hearings, memos to be submitted, expert meetings, executions, attachments, etc. The lawyer is always responsible until the case is fully finished. Whether this is Small Case, Medium Case, or a Big Level Case, Lawyers also have to be fully responsible. This is also an identity of a good Lawyer and Emirati Law Firms and the Lawyers are usually the ones, performing better.

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