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Working Hours

Working Hours


The working hours in UAE consists of maximum eight hours a day and forty eight hours a week.  Traveling for the sake of job, meals and resting breaks are not included in working hours.

The number of hours shall be increased to nine hours for people working in cafeterias, hotels, trade, security and other jobs

During, Ramadan the workings hours is reduced by two hours.


Employees are not allowed to work for consecutively five hours daily without any rest, meals and prayers. Labour working in trades, hotels, cafeterias and as guards may have to work for extended hours i.e. nine hours and sometimes overnight and such by virtue of decision. The manner for employees working in factories giving round the clock service for some technical or economic reason, may take their mandated breaks as specified by the Ministry of labour.


Employees working overtime are entitle to overtime pay equal to their wage pay  plus an additional amount of 25% of the wage for the overtime. The additional overtime increases to 50% of normal wage rate when the overtime falls between 09.00pm to 04.00am. But this does not apply o executive or administrative positions as they are expected to work for longer hours.


Workers working overtime between 9pm and 4am, as per requirement of circumstances, shall be entitled to wage equivalent to the ordinary hourly wage with an addition of at least 50 percent of the said wage and also to a substitute as a rest day.


Overtime working hours shall not exceed two hours per day, unless such work is necessary to avoid occurrence of any loss, a serious accident o removal of the consequences thereof.


Friday is off day for all workers. Workers who work on Friday are entitled to a rest in lieu which they can ask for at a later date or want to be paid for it as an additional wage that is 50% of wage rate.


If employee’s wages are not calculated on daily basis, he cannot be asked to work on two consecutive Fridays.


The provisions mentioned under present chapter shall not be applicable on the following:

  • High ranked Managerial and Supervisory positions having the right to exercise their powers on workers. Minister of labour and Social Affairs shall issue a decision in such case.
  • Workers including the crew of naval vessels and sea workers, who shall enjoy specific services due to their nature of work, with exception of port workers involved in loading and unloading operations.


A schedule of the weekly day off, working hours, rest periods of all categories shall be placed by employer on the main entrances used by the workers and in prominent locations in the working site and shall also dispatch a copy to the competent  Labour Department.