Employment of workers

In case the organization cannot find the suitable national workers, first preference of employment shall be given to workers that belong to Arab state before appointing workers from other nationalities. Ministry of Labour has a role of establishing a National Employment Section for all unemployed nationals so they could easily examine the registered unemployed nationals properly to make sure that there are no further unemployed persons before granting any job to the other nationality holders.

Youth Labour

Minimum age limit is at least fifteen years for both male and female in order to work within UAE. It is necessary that guardian or trustee of the youth should provide the organization with the written consent letter and age verification before the youth may begin employment. There are specific restrictions to be followed about daily and weekly hours, working times and job description for youth employment.

Women Labour

Without any special circumstances, women are restricted from working at night. Special protection is given to females by law. There is no discrimination between the pay rate of male and female employees.
During maternity period leave, they are entitled to 45 days of full pay provided that she has worked continuously for one year with the organization. However, if one year service is yet to be completed then maternity leave is paid with half pay. For 18 months after delivery, females who are looking after their child are granted two paid rest intervals per day not exceeding 30 minutes, for completing this task.
Working fathers do not enjoy any of such leaves.