Non Competition in New UAE Labour Law

Non-Competiton in New Law

Non-Competiton will be added by default in UAE Labour Law. It means there is no need to add this in the Employment Agreement like before. But if the employee is terminated then this Non-Competition will not be implemented. If the employee resigns then Non-Competiton will be implemented. One thing to be added is that it can not be added like before.

You can’t restrict any employee not to working in Dubai or UAE for the next few months or years. Any kind of case, filled here, will be rejected as per the new UAE Labour Law. Even the OLD Law was not entertaining any kind of unreasonable restriction before. Check any Employment Lawyer in Dubai expert in Non-Competition and new UAE Labour Law.

New UAE Labour Law

  • It came in February 2022.
  • The pandemic emergencies are kept in mind.
  • NEW UAE Labour Law is also shorter than before.
  • Much more supportive than before.
  • Now in favour of both, employer and employee. Which is better than before.
  • Employees are much more protected than before.
  • Employers have better control than before.
  • Maternity leave is extended.
  • Employee Policies are extended.
  • VISA processing is revised.
  • VISA cancellation and EOS payments are made faster.


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