Modifications and Labour Law UAE

Modifications and Labour Law UAE: 

Many modifications have recently been made to UAE labour laws, and the goal is to correctly address these changes so that labour rights are more strictly enforced. Though the modifications are being made for the last several years. For example, one of the changes made before that employees can phone toll-free numbers and submit a complaint against their company if they don’t get their salary on time or for months and employers to provide ridiculous excuses. For LLC companies the facility is entertained by MOHRE. Complaints will be entertained in Al Adheed Centers. Labour Complaint can also be registered at MOHRE by giving a call to 800-60. 

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UAE Labor Law is always intended to bring the modifications. The recent modifications are specially designed by considering the pandemic situations, so employers, employees and businesses themselves could not be affected by these serious situations. Labour and Employment Lawyers in Dubai are the experts to define the Law and modifications.

New 3 Years Fixed VISA:

Another modification made was that all skilled and professional labourers no longer need to obtain a letter of authorization from their employer in order to transfer their sponsorship and work visa. There will be no six-month labour prohibition, but all non-skilled and unprofessional workers will be required to work for two years in order to be exempted from these procedures. It is called a Two year fixed VISA. Now in 2022, it is going to be a 3 Years Fixed VISA. There will be no more Unlimited or Limited VISA types. 

14 Days Time Period:

Employers must be alert now. If the end of service will not be paid within 14 days of VISA cancellation then the employer can be fined for this delay unless there comes some natural or emergency. The things are not like before. The employee can open the case and execution of such cases will also be opened post-verdict, very quickly.



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