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  • July 18, 2017
  • ammad zeb
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Melbourne is the most populous city of Australia. It comprises the broader metropolitan area. Melbourne is highly rated for education, entertainment, health care, research, development, tourism, and sport. It consists of the extensive transport network and is referred to as “Cultural Capital”. There have been a large number of substantial investments in city’s industries and property market. It is an international cultural center. The city is famous for noteworthy historic buildings such as world heritage site and Royal Exhibition Building.


Labor law

Labor law defines the relationship shared by workers and employers in an organization. Such as disputes between employees and employers, disciplinary rules, redundancy, protection of rights of employees etc. are dealt by our advocates in a very professional manner

Civil law

The Civil law relates to remedies and rights of an individual. Labor law UAE lawyers have an exceptional experience in cases such as fraud, personal injury, and injury to property and breach of contract.

Criminal law

Criminal law is associated with punishments in the result of crimes. Our attorneys have succeeded in cases such as possession of drugs, burglary, conspiracy, homicide, white collar crimes etc.


Insurance is a management policy of safe-guarding against financial loss. We are proficient in handling insurance matters such as insurance claims, insurance policies and regulations.

Real estate

Our Real estate dealings include matters such as the acquisition of tangible property, sale, transfer, succession, and negotiations regarding the property.

Tax consultant

Tax related matters such as tax return, tax audit, negotiations, tax entitlements, tax policies etc are dealt in professional manner by our attorneys.

Intellectual property and property rentals

Intellectual property means intangible assets such as copyrights, trademarks, and patents; we provide their registration and their protection.

Corporate law

The corporate law relates to the formation and operation of a corporation. Our corporate dealings include private equity, insolvency, acquisition and mergers, family business.

Arbitration and Litigation

Arbitration involves reaching an agreement with the consent of both disputing parties in an amicable way. Our legal attorneys have mastered in arbitration.Litigation matters are also dealt with efficiency.