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Legal services Abu Dhabi

  • August 16, 2017
  • labourlawuae
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Abu Dhabi is a capital of United Arab Emirate. It is the largest of seven emirates and is the most populous city of UAE. Abu Dhabi is the center of political and industrial activities and a major cultural and commerce center. It is considered as the fourth expensive city for expatriate employees in the area. In terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and per capita income Abu Dhabi is the wealthiest emirate of UAE. Abu Dhabi possesses diverse and multi-culture society.

Labor Law UAE advocates and Legal Consultants are able to offer both domestic and cross-border advice regarding legal services in areas such as:

Labor Law:

Labor law intercedes relationship between workers, employers, trade unions and government. Legal services related to labor law includes employee-employer disputes, early termination of contract (redundancy), end of service Gratuity, transfer of employment, bonus claims, unpaid salaries etc. our assoicates work for the broad range of employees, entrepreneurial startups. Public companies and professional services firm.

Civil Law:

Civil law defines set of rules that govern private rights. We offer civil law related services such as:
 Family law
 Property law
 Contract law

Examples are personal injury, fraud, malpractices, breach of contract claims, negligence etc.

Criminal law:

A law established by statute concerned with a punishment of offenders. Example include possession of drugs, insurance fraud, theft by deception, burglary etc. we have sophisticated, astute and supportive criminal lawyers facilitating their clients in the matters stated above.

Intellectual property and property rentals:

Intellectual property means intangible assets such as copyrights, patents, and trademark. We protect intellectual property rights and interests of our local and international clients. We have dealings in property rentals too.have great reputation in Dubai for their result oriented approach.


Insurance is a risk management against financial loss. We advise financial institution clients on all insurance aspects of property, project and real estate financings and transactions

Litigation and arbitration:

Arbitration is out of court settlement amicably. Our advocates have extensive experience in litigation and arbitration. Also, our team has an exceptional experience in litigation matters.

Corporate law

Corporate law deals with the formation and operation of corporations such as
 Private equity
 Family business
 Insolvency
 Mergers and acquisitions

We understand the stakes of clients and have respective lawyers to manage and deal with corporate law disputes in UAE as per their interests.
Tax Consultation

We provide innovative tax solutions in the area of tax legislation and practice. Our tax offering:
 Real estate
 Indirect tax
 Corporate
 Tax investigations
 Banking and Finance
 Tax returns
 Tax Audit