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Fujairah is one of the seven emirates of UAE.

Labour Law

It is a body of rulings related to working people and their organization. We have competence in offering Labor law-related services such as redundancy, retirement benefits, disputes between employee and employer, disciplinary rules, protection of rights of employees.

Civil law

Civil law defines the remedies and rights of an individual. An example includes fraud, personal injury, breach of contract etc. our proficient attorneys are considerate for their clients while handling cases related to civil law.

Criminal law

Criminal law is associated with punishments in the result of crimes. An example includes possession of drugs, burglary, conspiracy, homicide; white collar crimes etc. Labour Law UAE is renowned for dealing with criminal crimes successfully.


Insurance means a policy providing protection against financial loss. We offer legal services for insurance claims, advisory on insurance policies and insurance regulations.

Real estate

We have pride in dealing with real estate matters which covers all the issues of tangible property such as transfer, succession, acquisition, sale, negotiations etc.

Tax consultant

We offer tax consultation in the tax return, tax audit, tax entitlements, tax negotiations etc.

Intellectual property and property rentals

Intellectual property includes copyrights, patents, and trademark. We offer our dealing in their protection and registration.

Corporate law

Corporate law is related to the incorporation and operation of a corporation. We deal with related matters such as personal equity, insolvency, acquisitions and mergers, and family business.

Arbitration and Litigation

Arbitration means out of court settlement between disputing parties.  We offer litigation services, our advocates represents the case before the court.

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