Legal Services Beijing

Beijing is the capital of the Republic of China. It is considered one of the most populous cities in the world. This city combines both modern and traditional architecture and has been the political centre of the country with mountains surrounding the inland city on three sides. Communist Party of China (CPC) regulates the government. Its economy has been ranked among the most developed and prosperous in China. Beijing has a post-industrial economy that is dominated by the tertiary sector.


Labor Law

Labour law describes the relationship between employee and employer within an organization.  We have expertise in employment related matters which includes issues related to disciplinary rules, disputes between workers and employers, unfair dismissal, redundancy, employment benefits etc.

Civil Law

Civil law defines law related to private rights and remedies and regulates disputes between individuals. Labor law UAE has a name in handling cases such as fraud, personal injury, breach of contract claims etc.

Criminal Law:

A law established by statue concerned with the punishment of offenders. We have come across thousands of criminal cases successfully such as dealing with matters of possession of drugs, insurance fraud, theft by deception, burglary etc.

Intellectual Property and Property Rentals:

Intellectual property means intangible assets such as copyrights, patents, and trademark. We protect intellectual property rights and interests of our local and international clients. We have dealings in property rentals too.


Insurance is risk management against financial loss. We advise financial institution clients on all insurance aspects of property, project and real estate financings and transactions

Tax consultant

We offer tax consultation in a tax return, tax audit, tax entitlements, tax negotiations etc.

Intellectual property and property rentals

Intellectual property includes copyrights, patents, and trademark. We offer our dealing in their protection and registration.

Corporate law

Corporate law is related to the incorporation and operation of a corporation. We deal with related matters such as personal equity, insolvency, acquisitions and mergers, and family business.

Arbitration and litigation

Arbitration means out of court settlement between disputing parties.  We offer litigation services, our advocates represents the case before the court using successful strategies.