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Legal services Al Ain

The largest inland city in the UAE and is known as Garden City due to its greenery. It is situated in Emirate of Abu shares border with Oman. Al-Ain experienced rapid growth and investment. It has developed as a tourist destination. It is an important service centre for the area extending into Oman.

Labour Law

Labour law describes the relationship between employee and employer within an organization. Labour law UAE advocates of employment law have specialization in employment-related matters which includes issues related to disciplinary rules, disputes between workers and employers, unfair dismissal, redundancy, employment benefits etc. Read: Labour Lawyers

Civil Law

Civil law defines law related to private rights and remedies and regulate disputes between individuals we have successfully dealt more than 10000+ cases of civil matters such as fraud, personal injury, breach of contract claims etc.

Criminal Law

Criminal law is a set of laws established by statue for punishments of individuals violating laws. Our solicitors have specialized in matters of criminal law such as unlawful killing, drug possession, burglary, insurance fraud etc.


Insurance means to safeguard against financial loss. Insurance can be life insurance, fire insurance, marine insurance, travel insurance, health insurance. We proudly deal as an advisory for insurance claims, insurance policies and insurance regulations.

Real Estate

Legal services in real estate matters such as negotiation, transfer, succession, sale/purchase of tangible property are one of our major expertise of our attorneys. If you are looking for property lawyers in Dubai, then we cal help you in this regard.

Tax consultant

We offer tax solutions for real estate, indirect tax, corporate, tax investigations, tax return, tax audit etc,

Intellectual property and property rentals

Intellectual property means everything that comes under the intangible property. Labor law UAE is well known for matters of property rentals and intellectual property such as copyrights, patents, sourcing, trade secrets, security, and trademark etc.

Corporate law

Corporate law is related to the formation and operations of corporations. Our legal lawyers have specialization in corporate law related matters such as family business, family equity, acquisitions and mergers, insolvency.

Arbitration and Litigation

Arbitration means reaching a resolution amicably. Our arbitration lawyers have extensive experience in handling arbitrary matters. Our proficient lawyers bear vast knowledge of legal proceedings in court.