Lawyers expert in Estate Laws & Employment Laws

 Lawyers expert in Estate Laws: 

Estate Laws are one of the most commonly used laws in society which relate to property and Real Estate affairs. Even then these laws are extremely complex and can be properly dealt with only by expert Lawyers. When it comes to Expert Lawyers then Emirati Advocates in Dubai have no equivalence with anyone.

Every person either voluntarily or involuntarily becomes part of a real estate transaction. The voluntary transaction includes sale, purchase, lease, mortgage or property taxes. Involuntary transactions include inheritance, dispute settlement etc. All kinds of transactions involve compliance with multiple documentary and legal requirements. A layman indulging in these on his own will end up confused and more often commit serious blunders. Lawyers/Advocates make life easy for the clients by amicably performing these tasks at a very reasonable cost.

In all the transactions, the most important part is the formulation of a contract or deed which binds the parties involved with the terms and conditions for that particular transaction. This involves ensuring that none of the applicable laws is violated and the due rights and obligations of the associated parties are established. Adding any wrong condition or missing a critical clause can result in the collapse of the whole transaction or a possible dispute between the parties. Therefore, engaging a lawyer to take care of this part is mandatory.

Another important aspect is completing all the legal formalities of the transaction. Multiple supporting documents have to be prepared, signed by concerned authorities, attested and approved. There are many departments that have to be involved sequentially to systematically complete a file. Lawyers in Dubai are experienced and these matters and efficiently complete these procedures for their clients. Dispute settlement is the speciality of lawyers. Accumulating all the facts, presenting them to the concerned parties and removing any ambiguity is fundamental to the resolution of any disagreement. One must always consider engaging lawyers for this instead of resolving matters on our own. The fees charged by the lawyers for these services vary from assignment to assignment. But in comparison to the value provided by the lawyers and the ease and efficiency received by the client, these compensations are negligible and never prove to be a burden for anyone.

Lawyers Expert in UAE Labour Law: 

Lawyers or Advocates expert in UAE Labour Law is called Labour and Employment Lawyers. UAE Labour Law has also been revised(most of) and implemented from February 2022. New rules have changed the previous old methods and now much better policies have been introduced and implemented.

For Example, the process of issuing the EOS after the “VISA Cancellation”, has been revised and fixed. Now within 14 Days, it needs to be paid. Employers will have to face quick and serious results as punishment. If someone still wants to cheat you by giving a limited or unlimited contract explanation then let us tell you there will be only one Fixed Term 3 years limited contract. Gratuity Calculation will be with the same method and there will be no more than one method.


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