Lawyers and Legal Consultants

Lawyers or Legal Consultants in Dubai may generally be perceived as interchangeably-used terms used for representing the same Law Professionals. However, the reality is different. After a comprehensive study of the law subject, one can easily dissect both these law professionals according to their job description, professional role, responsibilities, and the extent of legal service provision. A Lawyer in Dubai means a lawyer who can also appear in court, he is UAE National, has professional education, having experience and crossed certain age, are entitled to be called and workers as Lawyers only. Legal Consultants can be anyone, either local or the foreign lawyers. Forigners can practise law in UAE as legal consultant and they can enjoy a god career in UAE. But the lawyers for appearing in court can only be UAE based or UAE National Advocates. 

Legal Entity

A lawyer is termed as a legal entity who holds a professional law degree. It implies that he has completed his study of the law which reflects his qualification credentials. It is a generic term that comes on the resume of all law professionals, both practising and non-practising. It is a pre-requisite condition for all aspiring professionals who wish to grow further and enrich their careers as law experts.

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On the other hand, legal consultants, are termed as those law professionals who hold a law degree and license, given the authority to perform the legal services of litigation, mediation, negotiation, and official legal representation in the court of law on behalf of the client. They defend or fight for their client’s cause by acting as their official spokesman during a case proceeding in court. Hence, it is a more specific designation of a law professional that reflects their area of expertise.

Advocating on behalf of a person who is facing legal obstacles is not a piece of cake. The client in question becomes highly sensitive and an emotional wreck during a case proceeding. High levels of stress, fear, and uncertainty regarding the future make him a difficult person to handle, console and give hope to. Only a law expert can dwell on this duty by exuding his professional charm, skill, communication, and an empathetic attitude. 

When a client seeks the assistance, consultation, or legal representation of an advocate, he desires his official spokesperson to lead the path, give him winsome legal solutions, build a strong stance on his behalf, and put up a strong fight for their just rights, claims, and aspirations in the court of law. Moreover, an advocate becomes the voice of the client and lets the jury know what is the underlying issue, and where the client has been wronged and needs justice to be served. It is executed by awarding punishments to the guilty. On the other hand, an equitable and just court verdict helps in restoring the honour of the victim and paves a path for easing his future life by accompanying financial compensation to be paid by the guilty as charged. 

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Furthermore, an advocate also conveys the client’s statement and stance regarding the case file before the judicial bench. Moreover, he highlights his desire to be respected in case the advocate is successful in proving his point by a series of evidential claims, testimonies, documental evidence, pictorial proofs, video verifications, audio recordings, and witness presence. All the above factors have the strength to become a turning point in any legal proceeding either in favour of or against their respective client.

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