Labour Law UAE Provides Protection

As per UAE Labour Law, if a person is terminated for un valid reasons, then he may ask for three-month compensation. Termination without reason means unfair dismissals, termination on leave, maternity leave, without serving warning letters, or other legitimate reasons to raise a claim of wrongful termination or arbitrary dismissal.

Many employers want to hide under an excuse of Article 120, Redundancy etc. They should understand that it is not like to terminate an employee at any time without any reason. Law protects the rights of Employees and Employers. If you need information in detail then you can consult a good Lawyer. There are many Labour & Employment Lawyers in the UAE serving with passion and dedication.

Labour & Employment LawyersIf you are worried about your workplace, and you need support, then you should hire a labour lawyer. The labour lawyers in Dubai are professionals. They would know how can they resolve your issue at work. Commonly, a new employee will take time to adjust to the working environment. Therefore, the old employees should make those employees comfortable. But, what exactly happens is that vulnerable employees are targeted at work. They are discriminated against or harassed by their co-workers and the higher authorities.

To avoid such situations, the employee might hire a lawyer for himself and talk to him about it. When you are hiring a lawyer for yourself, whether you are an employee or an employer, get an idea about him. Ask your friends or anyone in your social circle about the lawyer’s reputation. If you think that he has been doing an amazing job, then only should you consult him.

Set up an appointment with your lawyer, where you can talk about the legal case, and learn about his skills. In the first meeting, you get an idea about the lawyer and then decide whether you want to hire him or not. You must ask him about his success rate. A lawyer has a good reputation if he has a success rate. Also, it is important to know that he has been dealing with cases similar to yours. Never take a risk of handling a lawyer in your case if he is inexperienced.

Secondly, if you know that he is good with communication, and he has a good reputation then you should ask about the payment method. At times, the lawyers would not charge a consultation fee, but some of them might do so. Therefore, always ask them about the payment procedure, so you may know if they are flexible in that. Usually, the labour lawyers in dubai would show flexibility in the payment and might negotiate on a better deal. Most people do not encourage hiring lawyers, because they have chosen the wrong ones. So, if you know that you need a lawyer, then search for the best ones.

Readers can also read our other Blogs. We have discussed the Employment Matters, Labour Disputes, Process of Hiring, Process of Termination, Documentation, Legal Process, Court Sessions, Expert Meeting and all other things required in Labour Law Cases. There is no doubt that one can get the best Labour Law Services in Dubai and UAE.

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