Labour Law Consultation Services

Consultation refers to the process of taking into consideration the recommendations, guidance, judgment, and point of view of a designated person regarding any issue, or matter of concern. Likewise, in the legal dictionary, a legal consultant has similar job duties. However, the catch is that his guidance, insight, and proposals are strictly related to the areas of the law. Emirati legal consultants mean the UAE National Advocates and Legal Consultants offer their legal expertise in UAE Labour Law to those who wish to seek valuable opinion and advice on certain issues like:

  • Hiring the new employees
  • Hiring on Part-Time.
  • Drafting Employment Agreements
  • Understanding UAE Labour Law, especially New UAE Labour Law 2022
  • Establishing in-house legal department or HR department.
  • Checking with MOHRE
  • Dealing the Cases filled by the employees or cases filed against the employees.
  • Direct or Indirect Labour Law UAE matter.

Legal Documentation

Let’s throw the light on legal documentation by Labour and Employment Lawyers, in addition to this, Emirati Legal Consultants are also proficient in handling all the legal documentation work. These documents are Labour and Employment Agreements, Internal Agreements, Offer Letters, Warning Letters, Legal Notices, MOU, MOA, Employee Hand-Book etc.

Moreover, they are apt in writing the contents of a legal Will on the healthful of the clients who wish to get a legal Will registered that can be exercised, and implemented in case of their death. It will help to ease the legal impediments for the surviving heirs. Hence, it is a very practical, and wise approach to avoid any family fuss and trauma that might follow once the person dies leaving behind some wealth, business, or other valuable material possessions.

Consultation important for Every One

Consultation is an important facet of the business world as well. Large organisations, firms, and sole proprietors usually seek the assistance of legal consultants to ensure that their business practices and policies stay legally compliant. Moreover, their expert guidance is sought to help maintain a congenial work environment that does not nurture employee dissatisfaction. A dissatisfied employee is a threat to the company’s stakeholders since there is a strong possibility of employee lawsuits that tarnish the image of the company in the market, and ransacks their possibilities of future business prospects with potential clients. Business owners can neither risk their profitable, and fuss-free business operations, nor their name and fame in the market. Hence, legal consultants are hired to work with large corporations on a permanent basis and with small-scale businesses for a contractual period, or on a need-basis. Their primary work is to review the company policies, as well as employee policies, and to present their recommendations in case of any amendment, or addition to ensure that no act, policy, or approach of the said organisation violates any legal barriers that put human rights, employee rights, and societal rights at stake.

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