Labour and Employment Legal Consultants

Labour and Employment Legal Consultants

Labour and Employment Law Legal Consultants are the legal consultants, who are supposed to deliver the legal consultation on UAE Labour Law. UAE Labour Law has been revised in February 2022. The Labour Law UAE was formed in 1980. People have been coming and working in UAE for the last 6 decades. Therefore the UAE Labour Law is a mandatory thing and a debate in the United Arab Emirates. Therefore all it enhances the importance and requirement of UAE Labour Law Legal Consultants and the Advocates.

Legal Consultation is booked with the Labour and Employment Lawyers. But what kind of Legal Consultation is Booked with Labour and Employment Lawyers and Legal Consultants? Such consultation’s subjects can be employment contracts, unpaid salaries, unpaid end-of-service benefits, labour cases etc. Such legal consultations, are to be attended by the legal consultants who are experts in UAE Labour Law and Court Employment Cases.

Difference Between Legal Consultants Vs Lawyers 

Lawyers or the Advocates are only UAE Nationals. Advocates are the better words than, lawyers. The others can only have the license to practise Law in the United Arab Emirates as, a legal consultants. Therefore the Emirati Advocate is a lawyer and legal consultant. The others will be legal consultants only.

Fee and Process:

  • The Fee for the legal consultation, yes certainly it is. The Fee for the legal consultation is up to Advocate.
  • The consultation meeting must be paid.
  • Paid Consultation is a serious discussion meeting.
  • The process is simple. Legal Consultation just needs to be arranged.
  • After the meeting, the course of action is decided.
  • Legal Notices are served.
  • Court Cases are filled
  • For both types of matters, Power of Attorney should be provided to lawyers.
  • Legal Consultation can also be taken in written format.
  • Hire Labour and Employment Lawyers, for a quick result from notable and reputed Legal Firms.



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