Labour and Employment Lawyers Consultations

Labour and Employment Lawyers have been providing legal advice for all the aspects surrounding employment law. Employment Lawyers in Dubai render their services in both the private and public sectors. They assist employers including entities, multinationals, government, and many other private enterprises. These Labour and Employment Lawyers, known as Emirati Lawyers or Legal Consultants (when just consultation no court proceedings), are the only source to get help. They help you in documentation, court cases and yes also in the cases connecting with the employment e.g. amount invested in business, shares, dividends etc. The Consultants here can also be referred to as Legal Consultants in Dubai

They offer advice on different Employment matters including the residency rules and regulations and immigration policy. This is what we said above that they can advise on more than the employment subject. This is what the duty of a senior lawyer is as well. Other than that, they also serve in documentation, termination management, and gratuity settlements. Documentation is not a simple or ordinary process. It becomes a big deal when a large number of subjects need to be managed. These subjects are; 

  •  All types of contracts e.g. limited, unlimited, offer letter, internal latter. 
  • Labour Law UAE contracts are also called Labour Contract.
  • Make Sure that just valid and legitimate claims are made part of the contract.
  •  To make sure that the contract could not be challenged, it has to be made accordingly to the Law. This is also the role of Employment Lawyers.
  • Yes, the most important one the, litigation.

Gratuity Calculation:

If an employee consistently works for an entity or enterprise he or she is entitled to receive the gratuity. The gratuity is received upon the termination or resignation. For such benefits to kick in, an employee must have continuous service in the company, and the dismissal must not be based upon gross misconduct. The gratuity is calculated based on the last basic salary of an individual. With specialities in the field of law, they assist their clients with discovering common goals to employment-related issues. Furthermore, this involves a great experience to explore equity; the lawyer is committed to serving the best interests of the client. The employment lawyers aid their clients to track down a legitimate objective to the accompanying legal matters. The issues may include human rights issues, dismissals, illegitimate end claims, overdue pays, and labour cases.

Other Discussions:

Employees are one of the most crucial resources for the success of any company. It is equally vital to protect its interests. The ultimate objective of earning high-profit margins is directly proportional to employer and employees healthy relationship. A deadlock in the relationship could adversely affect the revenues. Moreover, it can earn a bad image for the company. Therefore, to maintain a healthy relationship, employment lawyers offer legal assistance. The attorneys offer help at every stage of the employment lifecycle. Moreover, they help in streamlining the human resource policies and practices, and enforcement of employment law. They also foresee the future legislation which a business or its management might skip altogether.

Employment lawyers aid the clients in reviewing the validity of employment contracts, misconduct, and fraud detection, and last but not the least, policy violation. The attorneys provide support in dispute resolution to prevent any serious legal consequences. This could be damaging to the company’s goodwill and image. They have been serving in various industries like banking and finance, information technology, insurance, manufacturing, construction, real estate, and even tourism. Having a specialist and skilled employment lawyer means handing over all your legal worries to the attorneys. They will best execute to resolve employment-related issues.  

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