Involvement of Labour and Employment Lawyers

Whenever labour and employment lawyers are involved in any issues then they go through the case with proper procedure. Do you think it always happens? Well, we are not sure about this but when it comes to Employment Lawyers in Dubai then every Employment and Labour Lawyer in Dubai is a model for other Emirates as well as the entire Middle East region. We just mentioned UAE and GCC countries because all the countries are Muslim countries and follow Sharia Law. If we will just talk about law then Labour and Employment Lawyers in Dubai have competencies like the world’s best lawyers or advocates. It is not just a matter of fact for the Labor Lawyers, it is for all kinds of Lawyers and legal consultants. Following are the steps:

  1. Documentation: At first they gather the records related to your claim and assign a legal claim accordingly. These documents are your contracts, communications via email or other medium, timesheets, etc. these documents will help the lawyer to fully understand your case to build your compensation case.
  2. Investigation: Then there is this process in which they investigate every proof that they gathered for your case. They even investigate your workplace to match your claims and have pieces of evidence. These lawyers will not only investigate according to your claim but they also investigate whether you are telling the truth or not. They look at the documents from every angle that you provided and that company provides them. These include employment agreements, employment records, contracts, termination reasons, and other workplace data. 
  3. Negotiation: After investigation, the step of negotiation comes in which your lawyer will negotiate with the defence outside the courtroom to get you the compensation to which you are entitled. It might be possible that they agree outside the courtroom but if not then the lawyers have to get themselves prepared to go to the trial and present your case with much stronger possible evidence.  

The above mentioned are only the process through which these labour and employment lawyers in Dubai work. They cover almost everything related to these laws like:

  • Wrongful Termination/Unlaw Full Termination 
  • Any type of discrimination. Because it’s illegal to reject anyone on the basis of sex, colour, religion, region, age, disability.
  • Harassments in which workers are subjected to assaults, threats, offensive jokes, etc. 
  • Labour Practices that are unfair like denial of wages, don’t give overtime, tip pooling, etc.
  • Going against the family and medical leave act. Simply they deny leaves.
  • Retaliation by the employers is illegal because employees are free, they are not your servants because if they feel unsafe in any way they will file a case against the employers and employers are not allowed to punish them for their actions because they are not authorized to.
  • Wrongful Termination Lawyer
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