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Female Employment Laws In Dubai

  • December 25, 2018
  • labourlawuae
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Dubai is one of the places, where women empowerment is encouraged. With the advancement of time and technology, the minds of many have shifted from patriarchal thinking to liberal thinking. Keeping in mind about women working in Dubai, the government of Dubai has tailored labour laws. Those laws are present there for the protection of women and they are not exploited at work. With the comings of employment laws, the law firms in Dubai have also become prominent. They are always ready to help their clients whether men or women.

Talking about the labour laws for women employees, it is kept in mind that their wage is not discriminated on their gender. The women working in the same position as men are working will get equivalent rights, training, and promotions. Many females are worried to work in offices because they are harassed by managers or co-workers at work. Therefore, they are uncomfortable in their office environment. The labour law ensures security for women at their workplaces.

For the welfare of women, they are given maternity leave after working over a year with the company. The duration of maternity leave is extended to 50 days. The employers know that the employees’ productivity is affected by their health position. Hence, leave is granted to the female employees if they provide a medical certificate that tells about their serious health. Dubai is doing great with its female employees as the labour law of Dubai also enforces to have a paid leave for an hour a day during pregnancy. As for the job security of the females, the labour law makes sure that the female employee is not terminated for the cause of childbirth or marriage. If anyone violates the labour laws in Dubai, the person can contact the law firms in Dubai to fight for their rights at work. The law firms are the best sources for females who have legal disputes at work. All you need is to think about your budget and case. You must know that your case is worth the investment you are doing to defend your case.


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