Family Law in the UAE

Family Disputes are also found in the UAE. Local Citizens and Expatriates, both have family issues here. Locals are Muslims, so law covering and explaining the dispute will be Sharia Law. For Muslims expatriates, also Sharia Law will be implemented. For Non-Muslims Expatriates, Sharia Law will be covering like for marriage NOC by the bride’s parents and guardian is required, but the dispute/matter will be dealt with by respective religion and its matrimonial law. We need to consider this point that even if you are non-Muslim, but in UAE if you want to get married and register your marriage then you need NOC by the bride’s guardian and parents. This is the beauty of Sharia Law.

The certain number of years and up to a certain age the custody is given to mother. Here once again there might be a difference of a few months or years between Sharia Law and other respective Laws. But in short and in general the child custody of minor kids are given to Mother. If there is a divorce then the mother can certainly ask for the monthly allowance if she has to keep custody and manage the brought up of kids. Family Courts are managed by experienced judges, and lawyers. Before the Court, there is a mediation department, where the government authorities are placed by the government to reconcile the matter if possible. They will listen to both parties where lawyers are not allowed to interfere. Check the beauty of the system which does his best to save the relation of both parties. Lawyers in Dubai, Lawyers in Abu Dhabi, or anywhere are not allowed to influence or interfere here. There are a direct question and answer session by authorities and both parties. Once the matter is referred to Court, then, of course, expert family lawyers in Dubai, are required. Divorce Lawyers, Child Custody Lawyers or in general Family Law Lawyers are few names of these lawyers. It does mean that for Divorce the qualification will be different and for child custody, the qualification will be different. These are only the names given by people to these lawyers. These Family Lawyers in Dubai are a great support, especially for expatriates. They provide them with the best advice and services which is a little difficult to find out when you have to work and live overseas. There is a misconception needs to be understood here that mostly the mother gets custody of the KIDS. Courts are always in the best interest of the KIDS, and the mother can take care and look after the KIDS better than father when they are minor and younger. Its is implemented everywhere in the world. No one should make this mindset that Court shows discrimination in UAE. Being a woman, yes they have privileges but it does not mean women are beyond the Law.