Discussion New UAE Labour Law

Labour laws are applicable everywhere around the world. UAE also has its set of labour laws which forms part of its legislation. Labour laws are subject to constant change and thus, now and then alterations take place in labour laws. From time to time changes are brought for the improvement of the employee’s protection to the Labour Laws. Employment Lawyers in Dubai are hired to learn about the new UAE Labour Law. Please check first, if it could be possible because many Labour and Employment Lawyers in Dubai, are not having the knowledge of the new Law. 

The Discrimination Laws

In the years 2021 and 2022, some new labour laws are introduced to safeguard the employees from any sort of discrimination at their workplace. Discrimination based on religion, race, class, colour, creed, caste, origin, background, disability, and nationality is regarded as unacceptable. 

Discrimination, Harassment, Bullying, unfair policies or racism is not allowed in the United Arab Emirates. The Labour and Employment Lawyers in Dubai, will explain the UAE Labour Law Articles and their clauses in this regard. For example, if Article 120 is used to terminate the employee then it means he must be,

New Laws

There are about 40 new labour laws being brought to the legislation system. A new labour law intends to amend the criminal law, company law, personal status, and others in various sectors.

The motive behind this is to bring a more systematic and organized legislation structure that governs the rights of the employees and employers. This has further strengthened the employees’ rights and made laws much easier and simpler for them to facilitate them as much as possible in the post-COVID-19 situation.

A more flexible working and shared job is introduced to the private sector which was introduced in the year 2022. Now in the private sector employees, they are allowed to stay in the UAE for over 180 days after they have called it quits from their job. The introduction of job shares is likely to suit the students and the people returning to the workplace.  Nonetheless, paramount changes are made to the maternity leaves to facilitate the working ladies and especially working mothers.

Now the employer is bound to compensate the existing and old employees for the visa expense along with the other overheads to the hiring of the ex-employees if employers work for 40 hours per week as per the contract. Now they can work for 3 days as per the Ministry of Human Resource and Emiratisation (MOHRE). Labor Lawyers and employment attorneys in UAE are familiar with the ongoing evolving labour laws. They are the ones who remain updated about them and thus, can assist the employees’ rights and obligations. Get to them to better understand the new regulation in Labor laws.

UAE Labour Law revised or new is implemented on February 2022. It has revised several old laws and rules. It means the previous articles have been revised and the new UAE Labour Law has been made shorter.

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