Basic duties and responsibilities of legal consultants

Basic duties and Responsibilities of Legal Consultants & Lawyers  The career paths of legal consultants are driven by passion, experience, and a will to learn the law more proficiently and on an ongoing basis. Every case file is different. Hence,

Types of Law and Lawyers in UAE

We all know about the fact that a lawyer is a Legal Representative for an individual or a corporation. It heavily depends upon the severity of the Legal Cases that either you need a lawyer’s representation or not? Many Lawyers

Choosing a Credible Legal Consultant

Choosing a Credible Legal Consultant Seeking legal advice is a key aspect of any legal complication. Contacting acclaimed legal consultants in dubai ensures that your right does not get compromised in any matter that requires legal intervention. These experience-enriched legal

Due Diligence and Employment Lawyers Dubai

Discussion on Due Diligence:  When a business is sold the due diligence is very necessary. Some common activities are due to a due diligence checklist during a business for sale transaction. Don’t take every deal like they are the same

Getting Workers Compensation

Getting Workers Compensation:  "Getting the Workers" compensation insurance claim is a difficult task to do but if you do these steps then it might be possible for you to get this claim in a very easy way. The steps are

How Lawyers in Dubai legal represent in Court

Do you have the required knowledge on how lawyers can legally represent you in a court of law? Lawyers in Dubai have the necessary information and relevant knowledge to make things happen.  Today we will look into detail the qualities

Labour Lawyers Employees & International Recruitment

The laws of employment cover countless practices and interpretations, legislation, rulings as well as state and federal laws. Every small, medium or big one should update their company laws according to the state and federal laws so that no employee

Family Law and Lawyers in Dubai

Family Law and Lawyers in Dubai Just like other professions, Law also has specializations. Lawyers who are specialized in their specific field and take those cases only. General cases were handled by the lawyers who are on their internship or

Labour and Employment Lawyers Consultations

Labour and Employment Lawyers have been providing legal advice for all the aspects surrounding employment law. Employment Lawyers in Dubai render their services in both the private and public sectors. They assist employers including entities, multinationals, government, and many other

Small Companies, UAE Labour Law and Valid Terminations

UAE Labour Law and Small Companies: If we talk about the Labour and Employment Laws of the United Arab Emirates, then businesses have been treated in a very good and flexible manner. Free-Zone and Mainland companies are protected by UAE