Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution:  Dispute Resolution solutions have evolved throughout time as the historical backdrop of company disputes has changed. Litigation procedures have been shown to be extremely ineffective and more likely to produce harm than good by stifling positive future connections

Commercial Business Disputes

Commercial Business Disputes:  Commercial and Business Disputes between two corporations or an individual and a corporation founded or registered in the UAE are typically handled by those law firms in Dubai which has expertise in corporate legal issues. These law

UAE Labour Law and Rules

When providing legal assistance to clients, UAE Labour and Employment Lawyers follow local legislation because they are bound to follow the local rules defined under UAE Labour Law. UAE Employment Lawyers in Dubai provide legal assistance to assist the country's

Advocates Have Been Always a Need

We spend more of our time at work than at a few than work at home or anywhere else. It's all about awakening hours not total. As a result, it's logical that we'd want to enjoy our time at work

The Practise of Whistle Blowing

The Practise of Whistle Blowing There are some of the instances that may occur in the workplace including the firing of an employee, threatening employment, baseless negative evaluation, or denying the employee the position or promotion he or she deserves.

Hiring Labour and Employment Lawyers

Hiring Labour and Employment Lawyers:  If you are not a lawyer then you can’t act like one in certain situations? Therefore, hiring a lawyer to represent you in a courtroom is essential. Lawyers tend to specialize in one or more

Lawyer Profession and Employment Lawyers

Lawyer Profession and Employment Lawyers:  Like any other profession, lawyers are also increasingly specialized with time. Many lawyers deal with wills & estate, housing closings, family laws, criminal cases, commercial cases, wills and estate cases or other non-business matters. This

Family Lawyers in UAE and Resposibilities

Family Lawyers in UAE and Responsibilities: Like anything in this life, an expert in your corner can assist in alleviating the risk factors attached. The fear of unknowns involved in the new life experience is given a cushion.  This happens

A Legal Consultation Appointment with Employment Lawyers

A Legal Consultation Appointment with Employment and Labour Law Lawyers A Legal Consultation Appointment with Employment Law Lawyers is necessary when there is no other solution available to resolve the matter on friendly grounds. When friendly terms or talks do

Reasons to Hire Labour Law Advocates

Reasons to Hire Labour Law Advocates: Advocates are usually hired for various legal matters, varying from serious to petty situations. It is important to know when it’s necessary to hire an advocate. Labour and Employment Law Advocates are hired for