Labour Law UAE Provides Protection

As per UAE Labour Law, if a person is terminated for un valid reasons, then he may ask for three-month compensation. Termination without reason means unfair dismissals, termination on leave, maternity leave, without serving warning letters, or other legitimate reasons

High Demand of Lawyers

A person or character who is allowed to practice law, and whose responsibility is to uphold the law while also defending their client's rights is known as a lawyer. A licensed lawyer offers a legal recommendation to government agencies, private

Business, Employee and Labour Lawyers

Business, Employees and Labour Lawyers relation quite dependent on one another. Both are important to each other. Similarly, the relationship between employer and employee is also a matter of much importance, especially to avoid disputes. The relationship between the businessman

Selecting a Labor Lawyer

Nowadays it's very common to see the number of conflicts that are increasing between the employee and the employers in many areas of Dubai and UAE. As these disputes involve the legal rights of both the parties involved there is

Labour Laws and Labour Lawyers

Labour & Employment Lawyers are the professionals who show you a path in your legal matters. These Lawyers are like a key to success. The priority of these lawyers is to serve individuals and companies in the United Arab Emirates.

Best Practice to Look for Professional Lawyer

We really don’t want the lawyers to interfere in our matters. But, at times, we need them. Lawyers make our lives easier if they handle our legal cases promptly. We think that lawyers are just wasting our time. However, they

Finding a Professional Legal Solicitor

In today’s business world, entrepreneurs are struggling with their businesses. Why? It is because they have legal constraints most of the time. They need labour lawyers that would resolve all their business issues, but it is not easy to find

Facts About Debt Collection

A debt occurs when the creditor is not paid on time by the debtor. Usually, debt also occurs because many people have started using credit cards. They don’t worry about spending more unless they have to pay and then run

Labour Lawyers become the best for business

Employment Lawyers in Dubai are much demanded, especially in developed counties and UAE is one of the most developed countries on this planet. The reason is the rich business culture and business opportunities. You are the Employer, Employee, whoever you

Legal Experts Responsibilities

Everyone can come to a situation where he/she needs a lawyer to sort out the problems. Lawyers can provide the best solutions to our problems. We can prioritize our matters with the help of a lawyer. Everyone can face difficulty