Swift Response Against the Perpetrators

Swift Response against the Perpetrators of Workplace Harassment: It takes a lot of motivation and willpower for a dissatisfied employee to break the barriers and take legal refuge against the party guilty of a law violation. You might be getting

Ways to Find a Trusted Debt Recovery Solution

The Debt Collection seems difficult, because of the language and cultural differences. The ex-pats find it confusing because they do not fully understand the laws. Layman always does not know about the Law. The Employment Disputes like Unpaid Salaries, and

Law Firms in Dubai and Multiple Lawyers

Law Firms in Dubai and Multiple Lawyers Law Firms in Dubai have multiple lawyers who offer legal services to all kinds of clients. Some clients may have smaller legal issues while others may have bigger and more serious legal battles.


Let's discuss Cryptocurrency? It's a digital currency. It is an absolutely new format, new medium and a new currency. Nowadays trading is also being managed by using digital mediums. There are several applications available online, used to trade in this

Basic Questions Go to Law Firm

Does the basic question arise when to go to the law firm? This leaves individuals and companies rather perplexed. A mature person may vouch for the critical role of the lawyers but laymen will struggle to understand its role. Regardless

UAE Legal Advisors

UAE Legal Advisors The licensed legal advisors and the licensed attorneys, who are allowed to offer the services in UAE are called as UAE Legal Advisors. These can be local advocates as well as expatriates. The difference is that expatriates

Need for a Professional Employment Solicitor

Need For a Professional Employment Solicitor  The need for the Professional Employment Solicitors is for both parties Employees and the Employers. It's a reality to be accepted. If an employee thinks that lawyers are needed then this is a mistake

Awareness Regarding the Employment Laws

Employment-Related Laws aim to improve the Labour and Employment conditions for the Employees while providing them with a shield against any unlawful exploitation. Such laws are called as UAE Labour Law in the United Arab Emirates. Moreover, these Laws also

UAE Labour Law by Dubai Law Firms

UAE Labour Law by Dubai Law Firms: Technically the phrase is wrong because the UAE Labour Department or the MOHRE has to be the authority to define the UAE Labour Law. But we will be discussing here from a different

Labour and Employment Legal Consultants

Labour and Employment Legal Consultants Labour and Employment Law Legal Consultants are the legal consultants, who are supposed to deliver the legal consultation on UAE Labour Law. UAE Labour Law has been revised in February 2022. The Labour Law UAE