A Legal Consultation Appointment with Employment Lawyers

A Legal Consultation Appointment with Employment and Labour Law Lawyers

  • A Legal Consultation Appointment with Employment Law Lawyers is necessary when there is no other solution available to resolve the matter on friendly grounds.
  • When friendly terms or talks do not reach a friendly conclusion then a court case or legal notice is not too far. It can be from both sides other employer or the employee.
  • When a situation like this has to be faced, then do not waste the time more and find the Best Emirati Legal Consultants in your place or you may also choose from Best legal consultants in dubai.
  • Get the advice so you could be prepared. Usually and most people are laymen. Therefore initial professional legal consultation will help laymen to grab the details.
  • Answer to the second party, after consultation with the legal consultants or the advocates. Step inside the court or serve the legal notice after consultation with the lawyers, though they have to perform both, not you.
  • When there is any dispute from small to the big one, then we suggest hiring a good lawyer, not a cheap lawyer, junior lawyer or lawyer for only one memo to the court.
  • Sign the engagement letter with the professional Emirati advocates, because they know very well how to answer and how to save the reputation of the client.
  • Well, initially MOHRE then Labour Courts. For Free Zone initially inside Free Zone management authority, then sent to MOHRE, from a referral paper is obtained to Labour Court.
  • Initial Mediation Sessions at MOHRE, by the MOHRE also provide the legal standings of both parties to both parties.


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